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After the fiery events on Paradisa, Mordid the Traveling Tyrant and his ruthless band of mercenaries decide to lie low in the lawless region of space known as the Upper Arm. There, Mordid finds work on the planet of Pristine. Zaltrek, the planet's dictator, is losing his grip on the world, and Mordid promises to help-- for a price. Unfortunately, for the Traveling Tyrant a woman gets involved, his own command staff plot his demise, and his employer is having second thoughts about their arrangement. Worse, the morale of his men is flagging, and even an order to have Casual Fridays isn't lifting their spirits.

Between Mordid's murderous friends, enraged foes, and his duty to the shadowy investors-- what's a Tyrant to do?

"Utterly Shameless and violent. A book of villany, dark humor and action with a mix of intrigue. I am, in many ways, saddened that my son not only thinks of these things, but writes about them." -The Author's Mother-

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 - The Traveling Tyrant: Paradisa Lost -   BOOK 1                                                               

Mordid is the Traveling Tyrant, bent on conquering and pillaging the galaxy-for a price. When Galactic Hotels asks him to remove some pesky, religious zealots from the jungle-world of Pristine it seems to be an easy task. Unfortunately for Mordid, the preacher has a daughter, the Command Staff is out to murder him and each other, and the employer wants the planet intact. Will Mordid claim the planet, outsmart his Command Staff and get the girl, or is Paradisa Lost? 




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Book 2 'The Traveling Tyrant: Casual Fridays' finished and expected release in 2012.

Book 3 'The Traveling Tyrant: The Audacity of Pope' pending.


Listen to Richard Marsden's First Interview on BlogTalk. 

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Free Stories (To entice you to buy the book) of the Traveling Tyrant v2.mp3 Compliments of the Traveling Tyrant = Listen to or read a story of an invasion gone wrong, men with dreams of a better future, interpretive dance, and how the Traveling Tyrant will spare no expense to rectify the situation.'s_First_Day.mp3 Eryn's First Day = Listen to or read the tale of how Eryn's first day on the job with the Traveling Tyrant went. Guns, knives and the sound of a woman breaking wind await!

The Traveling Tyrant Mission Statement

 We solve problems!


A Message from the Traveling Tyrant Mordid

While I was sitting on my throne of money, which in turn is on a pile of money, I thought to myself, 'What is the perfect mission statement for what I do?' The answer was as simple as the message. We solve problems. 

Your planet is rebelling? We'll solve that.

You are looking to kick out natives from a jungle-world so you can set up a resort? We'll do that.

You want your planetary rivals to suffer accidents on an apocalyptic scale? It'll get done.

Your cat is stuck in a tree? We'll wipe that species of flora out. No tree, no problem. 

The Traveling Tyrant is here to solve your problems whatever they may be, no morals, no questions, no worries. Just pay up on time.

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